A Mayor in May

On 3 May we Londoners will elect our new Mayor.

The Mayor of London has many interests. He or she will sit on many committees and pronounce on many things. But the only thing the Mayor actually controls is transport.

Moreover, he is the only elected official who controls Transport for London. London Assembly members can make useful nuisances of themselves. But only the Mayor can actually make TfL do anything.

You will hear claims that this election is about all sorts of things. But there is only one thing it can be about. Transport. It’s what the Mayor actually controls.

We all pay for the streets of London. Yet they are not safe for pedestrians and cyclists. And they will not be safe, convenient or useful for cycling until we elect a Mayor committed to making them so.

There are enough cyclists and cyclists-in-waiting in London to make the May election all about making the streets safe for all.

Londoners on Bikes is putting the cycling vote together. Voting as a block, we have the numbers to get serious commitments from the candidates. It’s never been done before in London. But it has been done in cities such as San Francisco.

The mayoral election decides who controls transport in London. Sign up at Londoners on Bikes, pledge to vote with your bike, and let’s get our streets safe to cycle on.